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Patience, Care, and Compassion

Every dog has a unique personality and disposition, because of this every dog needs to be trained differently. This requires a unique trainer, one with a wide range of experience and a wealth of knowledge. Whether you want to train a young dog, or an older dog, you need expert guidance to effectively train your dog. If you love your dog, you can count on K-9 Results to get you the results you need all while keeping your dog happy.


 Training style


With K-9 Results' unique and adaptive training style we are able to get results from any dog. With our four phase training process applied with our hands on approach with the owner we are able to achieve the highest level of results all while maintaining the highest level of motivation and character from the dog. 

The first phase of our training is the learning phase. In this phase we teach the dog what the command is by laying a basic foundation. We lay the basic foundation by marking the moment the dog obeys. This phase is the equivalent of a child going to preschool, a lot of fun and a lot of basic foundation for later skills.  

Next is our functional training phase. Now that the dog has a solid foundation of what the command is we can now "expect" the dog to obey. We achieve this by correcting the unwanted behavior and praising the good behavior. This is more like a high school for dogs.  

Now that the dog knows the commands we can now move on to our third Phase, the distraction Phase. With this phase we no longer work on the actual command but work on the commands in different situations. The importance of this phase is to ensure that your dog will not only obey but obey in any place or situation. Just because the dog knows how to sit does not mean he or she can sit anywhere at any time. By introducing distractions and helping the dog over come them, we can now rely on the functional results we have achieved through the training regardless of any outside distractions.

Our fourth and final phase of training is our maintenance phase. This is graduation day for you and your dog. We will leave you at a point where you not only know how to maintain these new behaviors, you will also have learned how to approach future unwanted behaviors and situations. With the completion of this final phase of training you can now enjoy your dog to their full potential.

We train ALL dogs of any age. Call for details!


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